Alambi – A Hummingbird Paradise

Breakfast with a view of dozens of hummingbirds. It's hard to know where to focus - on the great food or the stunning wildlife.

Breakfast with a view of dozens of hummingbirds. It’s hard to know where to focus – on the great food or the stunning wildlife.

On the highway heading from Quito to Mindo, there is a small dirt road leading up into the mountains just before the town of Nanegalito. It is normally a way to the subtropical cloud forest of the Bellavista Reserve but the road is in bad condition and not recommended for the faint of heart. But just a short distance up the road, before the worrisome parts, there is a small home called Alambi. Most people just drive on by, not even realizing that this property provides a small oasis for hummingbirds and those that appreciate seeing them. It is a spot where you can stop for a few minutes, an hour or two and include a meal, or overnight in the beautiful home itself. All you need is a reservation.

We only discovered Alambi because on our first visit to the Bellavista Reserve, our driver was replaced last minute by the caretaker of this property. He had us visit for a few minutes so that we could marvel at the plethora of hummingbirds in the small garden. Since then, I have been waiting for an excuse to return.

I found the reason a few weeks ago when I planned a trip with friends to the Bellavista Reserve. Our itinerary included a morning visit to Alambi where, for the very reasonable cost of $10, we breakfasted on the back patio with a view of at least a dozen hummingbird feeders and the constant movement of tiny birds. I found it very hard to sit down even for the excellent breakfast of scrambled eggs, croquettes made of yucca stuffed with fresh cheese, home-made ají, freshly squeezed orange juice, freshly brewed coffee, and a bowl of fruit salad. The breakfast was stellar but I couldn’t get enough of the birds, their tiny feathers shining in the morning light. Both my husband and I photographed prolifically. Here are some of the better shots of the morning.

If you prefer larger photos, click on any photo and you will be taken to a new page where you can scroll through the entire album at your leisure.


6 thoughts on “Alambi – A Hummingbird Paradise

  1. You know AJ, one of my fondest memories is of packing feeder food up to Tahquitz fire lookout (I was a volunteer host), and watching those flying jewels snack.

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    • You’ve given me another place to look up… sorry for the late response. Just got back from a jungle trip and getting ready to post photos. Hope some will bring back memories for you!


  2. Sadly, I’ve tried contacting Alambi via their website but they have failed to reply… was looking to take some people there this week. Are they open during the week? Any idea what exactly are their requirements in terms of making reservations?


    • Try calling the Bellavista Lodge and ask for up to date contact info. They arranged for our last visit to Alambi. Jens Larsen speaks both Spanish and English and is quick to respond either by phone or email.

      Jens Larsen
      Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve & Lodge
      Office: Jorge Washington E7-25 y 6 de Diciembre
      Phones: 223 2313 ; 290 1536
      Fax: 290 3165


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