Best Bird Shots from Bellavista

Our most recent trip took us to the Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve and we took so many great photos… here are a few of our favorites.

If you prefer a slideshow, just click on one of the photos.



4 thoughts on “Best Bird Shots from Bellavista

  1. Wow these pictures are gorgeous! I just got back from the Galapagos Islands, where there is obviously a ton of wildlife to see, but I didn’t realize how much Ecuador had to offer just on the mainland. I had kind of dismissed Ecuador as just a gateway to the Galapagos, but posts like this are convincing me otherwise…and making me want to go back!


    • You’re not alone. Because we were coming here to live, we had done some online exploration and knew that there were some neat places. But it was an online series produced by the Ecuadorian Government that made me realize exactly how much there is – it is in Spanish but just seeing the names of the places gives you an idea of the wide variety of tourism opportunities in this small country. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have their own YouTube channel but if you search “Ecuador Ama la Vida YouTube”, the best clips will show up. Hope you make it back soon!


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