Bird Watching at the Shoreline at Mountain View

Welcome to the Shoreline at Mountain View.

A couple of weeks ago I found myself meeting a group of friends to go bird watching in a new location, the Shoreline at Mountain View. We only brushed the surface of this 750 acre wildlife refuge. The bird life was spectacular and I only wish I had a long lens so I could share the best bird of the day, a young osprey perched on a branch in the distance. With a little help from some digital zooming once home, I bring you a close up look at some of the other interesting species that we managed to see. Enjoy!

A gray, overcast day for bird watching.

* * *

Harsh light up high makes for interesting silhouettes.

* * *

Imagine the sweet licorice smell of wild fennel.

* * *

Bug watching is always in order.

White pelicans preening.

American avocet taking off in flight… others soon to follow.

Egrets on the water’s edge.

Bird watching is about more than birds.

* * *

It’s always lovely to see goslings.

* * *

A bird with birds bidding us farewell.

* * *

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