A Fruity Gin&Tonic

It’s a good day when I’m in the kitchen making a spicy Indian curry and my husband offers to make me a Gin&Tonic. He has a special recipe that he developed just for me, the tart lemonade lover of the family. He knows that a typical Gin&Tonic just doesn’t cut it. So here, from our kitchen to yours, is his special recipe:

Scott’s Gin and Tonic

The simple ingredients minus the ice and a tall glass (please ignore the hot peppers, cilantro, pineapple, and apples in the background)

Assemble a lemon, a lime, ice, tonic water, your favorite gin, and two tall glasses.

Juice the citrus fruit.

Place a shot glass of juice in each of the tall glasses.

Add a shot glass of gin.

Add ice to the top of the glass.

Pour in tonic to the top of the glass… it may foam a little so be careful.

Stir and enjoy!


4 thoughts on “A Fruity Gin&Tonic

  1. I am so glad you posted this because just last night I was going to ask you for the recipe. I know I refused one of these because I am a beer girl but I have recently branched out due to my new-found affinity for Tonic Water (Fever-Tree and Q Tonic specifically). Do you have a preferred Gin? The guy at the liquor store convinced me to buy a botanical gin with a hint of lavender. I am overwhelmed and intimidated by liquor stores since I have so little experience with the products and they can be so expensive. As I get older though I am finding that a simple cocktail is more enjoyable than a few beers. So thanks for upping my sophistication.


    • For the longest time we only drank Bombay Sapphire Gin but that was before smaller distilleries joined the market. As you can see from the picture, we’re using Small’s Gin this time and it’s been a really tasty bottle. Haven’t hit any of the botanicals yet but if I were going for a more basic martini or even a Gin&Tonic without a lot of fruit juice added, I would give them a try. What do you think of the hint of lavender gin? And the Fever-Tree? I haven’t convinced my better half to try them but would love to know your opinion.


  2. I am a BIG fan of Fever Tree. It has a fresher, stronger quinine taste and is sweetened with cane sugar. Q Tonic might be more readily available but is flavored with agave which is a tiny bit sweeter and less robust. Both are far more expensive, but I think worth it…certainly for a try. You’ll probably find some great brands down south soon anyway. The botanical is nice, but I like to have some lemon/lime in it which defeats the purpose.


    • I’ll let you know if we find tonic water at all… we did find it in Argentina so I think we might be in luck! Before we go, however, I think I’ll buy some of the Fever Tree and give it a try.


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