Stencil Art in Buenos Aires

A tree lined street in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Graffiti is no stranger to most cities but in Buenos Aires, Argentina we saw little of what I would call traditional graffiti. Instead, we found the stencil. Walls all over the city are plastered with art, political expression, or plain old junk, depending on your point of view. I thought I’d share some of our more interesting finds with you. Enjoy!

Spanish: Accept the terms and conditions. (Argentines love Homer Simpson!)

El Che (as in Che Guevara).

German: We have what’s good inside!

A political ad

Spanish: Yankees out of Latin America; found near the American Embassy

Spanish: Humanoid bookseller… unless someone can help me out with a better translation?

Spanish: there is no independence without socialism.

Spanish – La Cabeta fell, the plan is privatization.


2 thoughts on “Stencil Art in Buenos Aires

  1. Angie,
    Thanks for the link to El Eternonaut! Oesterheld’s story is one that more journalists and AMCITS should be aware of. The NDAA makes it legal for AMCITS to be “disappeared” by their own govt.


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