4 days – 2,785 miles

My boys and I just finished a whirlwind cross country trek from Washington DC to Northern California. One of us had an appointment to keep, so we didn’t stop to smell the roses or to tour the largest truck stop in the United States or to hike the Green River. We didn’t even stop to visit my birthplace though we drove within 50 miles, nor the birthplace of my youngest son and we drove even closer to his. We were on a mission. We drove across the continental US in 4 days not including a day to spend with friends in Omaha, Nebraska.

Let me tell you, I don’t recommend traveling across the US so quickly. You do get to see some stunning landscapes but you don’t get a real feel for the states you pass through. You get the stereotype alone – they grow a lot of corn in Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois; Ohio is very green and it rains a lot; Wyoming is a large state with very few people but lots of antelopes; Utah has a split personality, especially as seen from Interstate 80, beautiful green mountains topped with snow on the one hand, desert salt flats on the other. And Nevada is just high mountain deserts with slot machines in all the gas stations.

To commemorate our escape from the East Coast (it really felt like we were making a high speed getaway at times), I’ve brought you a few of the best shots from our car. Enjoy!

Leaving DC via Maryland

Barn in Pennsylvania.

A red barn in Ohio.

Farm fields and windmills in Illinois.

Waterway in Illinois very near the Iowa border.

Heavy rains forecasted in Iowa.

Farmfields in Iowa.

Farmfields and cellphone towers, Nebraska.

Late afternoon, Wyoming time.

You can just make out the snow capped mountains in Utah.

More Wyoming.

Utah – the green side

Utah – the Salt Lake side

Utah – the really salty side.

Stark mountain rock of Nevada.

The Sierras – just as Nevada turns into California.


2 thoughts on “4 days – 2,785 miles

  1. Ahhh quick trip. I have been this route before from Ga. Not an easy run. Went over Donners Pass from Reno huh into Sacramento. I can hear you now.. We will have to get this trip in pictures..boys…take a pic of this..quick..cause I am not stopping….Great pics Angie. Thanks


    • Yep, you got it! We had to record the trip the best way we could. I do have to say that it’s a lot easier traveling with two teens, especially when one of the teens can help with the driving.


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