Welcome to Not Your Average American!

Have you ever travelled overseas? There is a general rule of thumb recommended for most Americans: Don’t act American.

You know the stereotypes – we Americans are brash, we’re loud, we wear blue jeans and white tennis shoes, we wear baseball caps or carry big leather purses, we don cowboy boots for festive occasions, we think Hawaiian shirts are dressy, we are all rich, we all have maids, we all drive SUVs, we are all Christian and each and every married couple has 2.2 kids and a dog. Oh, and most of us are white. If you’re single, it must mean you haven’t grown up yet.

I fit three of those stereotypes – I am married and I have two kids and I’m about as Anglo as they come. Military life has given me the opportunity to travel and to show people from other countries that this American is anything but average.

In the weeks to come, I’m going to write about our travels and our assignments, both in the US and abroad. I’ll write about foreign culture and American culture, about people from other countries and about many different Americans, about food and wine, art and literature, nature and the outdoors. I’ll write about neat places to visit and those you might just want to skip. I’ll post lots of photographs, the vast majority taken by myself and a few by my husband and sons. As the end of summer approaches, I’ll write about moving, about leaving a place we call home and about adapting to a new cultureĀ because we’re about to embark on the assignment of a lifetime. Come back often and experience the world through my writing and my camera lens.

Welcome to Not Your Average American!


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